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Currency - All prices are in AUD

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Len's Coffee®

Brewing Accessories

  • ##1 lb (larger sizes available)## Muscovado sugar: our blonde muscovado is perfect for cooking, coffee, toppings, or any other occasion when a delicious, natural sugar is desired.

    "Blonde" Organic Muscovado Sugar $6.95

    We searched long and hard for the perfect natural sweetener for our coffees, and settled on this extraordinary Muscovado sugar purchased direct from the co-op in Antique, Philippines. Its unique processing uses a tiny amount...

  • ##a 6 oz Phin## Vietnamese Phin coffee filter, 6 oz size. Traditional cafe-style coffee maker brews a single cup of strong coffee.

    15oz Extra-Large Vietnamese Phin Coffee Filter/Brewer $8.95

    Phin filters are used in Trung Nguyen coffeeshops in Vietnam for Cà phê sua dá (or Cafe sua da). They operate like a mini drip filter, which you set atop your mug (or other container) and add coffee and...

  • ##an 8-cup press## French coffee press, 8-cup, three styles available

    French Coffee Press $26.00

    The French-style Coffee Press is a method of brewing coffee that allows maximum circulation for maximum flavor. We like this particular model because it can be completely disassembled for ease of cleaning, and the plunger is...

  • ##1 card## Roasting levels reference card makes home roasting easier and reduces the chance of accidentally over- or under-roasting your coffee

    Roast Level Reference Chart $1.00

    Home-roasting involves a lot of guesswork. Trying to get the time right, the temperature right. Then, once you hit the perfect combo, you have to try to remember what it was next time you roast that coffee, and now you're...

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