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Welcome, home roasters! We offer only one kind of green coffee beans here: delicious ones!

What makes every coffee we carry unique? We choose the best of the best - the top farm in the best growing region of each locale or country. We never settle for good coffee, it has to be great. It has to knock our socks off.

And you can feel great about buying these coffees. Every bean is purchased at 100% Direct Trade, at the farmer's own set price. The farmers can net 5x or more profit from selling direct to companies like ours rather than selling to their own local coops, which often do not provide even a subsistence price. Fair Trade only provides a small margin over the current commodities pricing, which usually is not enough to make a difference in the farmer's well-being. 100% Direct Trade is the way to go to make every coffee purchase do a world of good!

You can browse our single-origin beans, which come from one individual farm or producer, or our pre-mixed blends, which are our own unique blends combining multiple beans for a result greater than the sum of its parts. 

This website offers our most popular beans and blends, in the most popular sizes (1 lb, 3 lb, 10lb, and sometimes 20 lb). However, if you're looking for the best variety, the best value sizes, or the most detailed information about home roasting, we suggest you hop over to Len's Coffee. That's our specialized store exclusively for home roasters and small business roasters. Your first order from Len's Coffee is 15% off!

Below is a full list of all the items in all the sub-categories. This is useful if you want to browse everything, but you might find it easier to select one of the sub-categories above.

  • Available in three flavors ##for 16 oz, available in several flavors##

    Fruitations Fruit Syrup


    Why Fruitations syrups? Well, originally we used it exclusively for green coffee bean refreshers; the tart, fresh flavors perfectly complement the taste of the green coffee extract. Lately, though, we've been using it for... Learn more

  • World Heritage Home Roasting Kit ##for a 4 pound kit with instructions and roasting samples##

    World Heritage Green Coffee Home Roasting Kit


    Heirloom Coffee LLC is the only source in America for all four remaining coffee bean species... Arabica, Robusta, Excelsa and Liberica. In this kit you find 1 pound of each of these remaining commercially-grown species,... Learn more

  •  ##for 1lb (larger sizes available)##

    Jump Start Breakfast Blend Blend, green unroasted, premixed


    For all those winter mornings when you need a coffee with soul, not some lower-caffeine all-Arabica blend the other brands call a Breakfast Blend! More Information Most "breakfast blend" coffees have a normal amount of... Learn more

  • ##for 1lb green Costa Rica coffee plus 5oz Coffee Fruit (Cascara) Syrup##

    Cascara Syrup Green Bean Refresher Kit

    $16.45 $14.95

    Our new Coffee Fruit Syrup is perfect for pairing with green coffee extract for an ultimate whole-coffee-cherry experience! A superfood King, sun-dried coffee cherries (cascara) have 8x the antioxidants of blueberries, and... Learn more

  • Available in three flavors ##for 1lb green Costa Rica coffee plus detailed instructions and 16 oz Fruitations syrup##

    Make-Your-Own Green Coffee Bean Refreshers Kit

    $14.90 $10.00

    Have you seen all the new beverages made with green coffee extract, like Starbucks's Refreshers? Green coffee extract has a fresh, herbal taste and a whole lot of anti-oxidants. More than green tea! If a delicious,... Learn more

  •  ##for 1lb (larger sizes available)##

    Prince Street Crema Special, green unroasted, premixed


    Our secret blend of coffees of several species and regions starts with a base of Bourbon Arabica and Highland Peaberry Robusta. This perfectly balanced Italian-style espresso is your top choice of any coffee ever blended for... Learn more

  •  ##for 1lb (larger sizes available)##

    Prince Street Affogato Espresso, green unroasted, premixed


    A new Prince Street espresso, as rich and sweet as a North End affogato! There's something about this blend that calls to that famous Italian dessert, with strong espresso melting into a perfect scoop of gelato... a... Learn more

  •  ##for 1lb (larger sizes available)##

    Jerome Street Blend, green unroasted, premixed


    Jerome Street Blend gets its name from the address of our warehouse, where Len brews up fresh coffee every day for himself, our workers, and any guests who come to visit. We're normally very eclectic in our tastes, but Len... Learn more

  •  ##for 1lb (larger sizes available)##

    Chocozilla, green unroasted, premixed


    Our second chocolatey coffee, once intended as a limited edition, now a permanent offering thanks to popular demand! ChocoZilla is primarily Brazilian St. Domingos Arabica, blended with Vietnamese Robusta for added punch... Learn more

  • Brazil Adrano™ Volcano Coffee from Poços de Caldas, green unroasted ##for 1lb (larger sizes available)##

    Brazil Adrano™ Volcano Coffee from Poços de Caldas, green unroasted


    Adrano is an intense, complex coffee. The unique terroir imparts a unique flavor profile that is an interesting combination of sharp, bright elements with earthy and floral tones and a hint of chocolate. Body is high and... Learn more

  • Brazil St. Domingos™ Volcano Coffee from Poços de Caldas, green unroasted ##for 1lb (larger sizes available)##

    Brazil St. Domingos Volcano Coffee from Poços de Caldas, green unroasted


    St. Domingos is blended from Volcano Coffee Company's sweetest coffee cherries, creating an eminently drinkable, naturally sweet coffee with ample notes of brown sugar, soft fruit, and vanilla. The aroma is reminiscent of a... Learn more

  • Brazil Santa Izabel green unroasted beans ##for 1lb (larger sizes available)##

    Brazil Santa Izabel Volcano Coffee, green unroasted beans


    This limited edition micro-lot represents the absolutely quintessential volcanic coffee. The rich basaltic soil has given these beans an unparalleled intensity of mineral content. You know how a fancy mineral water, like... Learn more

  • Brazil Veneza Volcano green coffee beans ##for 1lb (larger sizes available)##

    Brazil Veneza Volcano Coffee, green unroasted beans


    Veneza has a strong, clear "classic coffee" aroma, deep volcanic soil profile, plus bright citrus notes. Its taste is well-rounded and without flaw. A good choice for brewing at gatherings or offices when you need to please... Learn more

  • Costa Rica Dota Tarrazu Nectar' Coffee, green unroasted ##for 1lb (larger sizes available) - each order gets a free Roast Color Chart!##

    Costa Rica Dota Tarrazu Estate Nectar Coffee, green unroasted


    You've never tried coffee like this before! During the brief peak of the growing season, the coffee trees' sap is flowing with extra sugar, similar to what occurs during maple sugaring time when northern regions make maple... Learn more

  •  ##for 1lb (larger sizes available)##

    Costa Rica Dota Tarrazu Estate Coffee, green unroasted

    $8.95 $6.00

    Our Dota Terrazu estate-grown coffee is the cream of the crop, the Arabica from our grower's home estate located in the premier Dota area. Grown at the peak of the ridge, at 6000 feet or above, these beans are classified as... Learn more

  • Mocharagua Chocolatey Coffee ##for 1lb (larger sizes available)##

    Mocharagua, green unroasted, premixed


    Look, we love chocolate, okay? We're not ashamed to admit it. And we know a lot of you guys agree with us: coffee is good, but chocolatey coffee is even better! Hence the Mocharagua coffee. It's mostly Nicaraguan Arabica,... Learn more

  • Nicaragua El Recreo™ Jinotega Caturra SWP DeCaf ##for 1lb (larger sizes available)##

    Nicaragua El Recreo Jinotega Half-Caff, green unroasted


    So rich and flavorful, your guests will never guess it's low in caffeine! This is a blend of El Recreo's regular coffee and their Swiss Water Process decaf. Swiss Water Process (SWP) is the most effective, all-natural... Learn more

  • Nicaragua El Recreo™ Jinotega Caturra SWP DeCaf ##for 1lb (larger sizes available)##

    Nicaragua El Recreo™ Jinotega SWP DeCaf, green unroasted


    With a classic Central American profile, this coffee is very fragrant, lightly fruity, and has distinct buttery-sugar scent like a sweet roll. Perfect after dinner or for serving to guests. Develops chocolate tones in... Learn more

  •  ##for 1lb (larger sizes available)##

    Papua New Guinea Grade PSC-AX, green unroasted


    The new 2016 crop is here! We are now getting only one grade of PNG coffee from our partner, it is the PSC-AX. This is a triple-sorted, sun-dried and wild-grown organic coffee that has not been selected by size, meaning it... Learn more

  • Liberica green unroasted beans from the Philippines  ##for 1lb (larger sizes available)##

    Philippine Liberica, green unroasted beans


    Authentic 100% Liberica coffee! Liberica's almond-shaped beans have an exceptional aroma, almost floral and fruity, while its flavor is full and slightly smokey. Support the recovery of this endangered species, recover a... Learn more

  • Philippine Robusta green unroasted beans  ##for 1lb (larger sizes available)##

    Philippine Robusta, green unroasted coffee beans


    Grown at high altitude under the shade of old-growth jungle, this Robusta will shatter all expectations with its depth and complexity. Growing Robusta this way is almost unheard-of, but the result is extraordinary. Low... Learn more

  • Sumatra Lintong Arabica from the Lake Toba Region ##for 1lb (larger sizes available)##

    Sumatra Lintong, green unroasted coffee beans


    An exciting new addition to our heirloom coffee selection, this Arabica has a fantastic aroma and smooth, low-acid taste that nonetheless has the desirable "edge" that sharpens the palate. When ground fine, it makes a really... Learn more

  • Sumatra Aceh Gayo coffee, green unroasted,Sumatra Aceh Gayo coffee, roasted ##for 1lb (larger sizes available)##

    Sumatra Aceh Gayo, green unroasted


    This extraordinary export from the Aceh region, containing Tim-Tim, Djember, and Ateng varietals, is a quintessential example of Gayo coffee. Aceh is the northernmost province in Sumatra, and its citizens have their own... Learn more

  • Green unroasted coffee bean Vietnamese Coffee Kit

    Vietnamese Coffee Home Roasting Kit


    Like our roasted coffee Vietnamese Coffee Kit, this is the perfect collection of ingredients to make Cafe Sua Da at home and experience Grade A Vietnamese coffee beans fresh roasted and brewed in the traditional style. Our... Learn more

  • Amorata Vietnamese Low Caffeine Coffee ##for 1lb (larger sizes available)##

    Amorata Vietnamese, green unroasted, premixed


    Amorata Vietnamese coffee is blended from our Vietnamese Bourbon Arabica plus two specially-sourced decaffeinated coffees. This is a coffee with a Vietnamese taste profile that is low in caffeine (not a decaf). Low caffeine... Learn more


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Costa Rica's Dota Tarrazu Region

"Tarrazu", like Champagne, is a restricted term that can only apply to the highly-prized coffees grown in one small mountainous region. With your help and ours, our Tarrazu coffee farmer is expanding his farm to the great benefit of the local people, the environment, and the coffee species. Learn more and browse our Costa Rica Dota Tarrazu coffees here.

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