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Len's Coffee®

Make-Your-Own Green Coffee Bean Refreshers Kit


Product Description

Have you seen all the new beverages made with green coffee extract, like Starbucks's Refreshers? Green coffee extract has a fresh, herbal taste and a whole lot of anti-oxidants. More than green tea!

If a delicious, refreshing, caffeinated nutritional powerhouse sounds good to you, look no further than your own kitchen. Green coffee extract is easy to make. All you need is green coffee beans and hot water. You can mix it with soda and fruit to make your own fancy refreshers, too.

Our green coffee extract kit comes with a pound of Costa Rica Dota Terrazu Estate Arabica, detailed and easy-to-follow instructions, serving suggestions, and  delicious all-natural Fruitations fruit syrups to make your own great-tasting beverages.

More Information

Why Costa Rica Estate? Although any of our green coffees can be used for making extract, this is our favorite. Not only does it make an excellently smooth and drinkable extract, we've personally visited the farm and watched how the beans are processed, and were extremely impressed with how spotlessly clean these beans are kept from start to finish.

Why Fruitations syrups? Two reasons: First, the tart, fresh flavors perfectly complement the taste of the green coffee extract. Second, the syrups are 100% natural, made from real fruit and pure cane sugar. This is a top-quality product--as soon as we tried it, we had to have it!

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